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“I had the pleasure of working with Yadira at A.W. For my most recent career search. Yadira was extremely professional, communicative, and extremely organized. The process was very simple, with multiple touch points throughout the way. I really felt like A.W. Had my best interests in mind, and I couldn’t thank them more for helping me find my next career.”

Marketing Manager Consultant

“I happened upon A.W. Companies seeking new employment due to moving more than an hour away from my previous job. I cannot say enough about Ashley, who has been more than considerate, helpful, accessible, communicative and has provided overall exceptional service to date! She connected me with my new potential permanent employer immediately, and I have been more than pleased with the company so far! I’ve told a few people I know who are also planning to seek out other employment opportunities about Ashley & AW! Thank you so much, Ashley, for your help! And thank you A.W. Companies for the wonderful Welcome Gift Box … very, very nice indeed!”

Office Manager Consultant

“Extremely professional and fast, Ashley went above and beyond to help me land a perfect position!”

Payroll Manager Consultant

“Very quick when it came to responding to my resume submittal. Very responsive and followed up well.”

Accounts Payable Consultant

“Gal – You have been a rich resource for me during my consulting career. You have presented me with many consulting opportunities at the rates I was looking for. Your clear understanding and descriptions of the project have allowed me to make informed decisions.”

Controller Consultant

“I have worked with A.W. Companies since Gal joined them and have been placed on professionally and financially rewarding projects. The most recent project was a perfect match and resulted in my joining the company as a permanent Director of Finance Role. Many thanks to both Gal and Jeanine for the care and attention they have given in my placements.”

Controller Consultant

“The best thing about working with A.W. Companies is the connections that Gal and Jeanine bring along with their great two-way communication. They are the best in my 20 years of consulting.”

Controller Consultant

“My experience with A.W. Companies has been one of a kind, to be honest. When you start out, they make you feel welcome. The teams are great and very open with communication and making you feel like you’re a part of the team and not just a number. They also make you feel like advancement is very achievable as well if you’re interested in that. If you’re ever having trouble or a bad day or need someone to talk to, someone is there to make you feel heard, and your issue is being taken care of. This company has changed my life for the better and is the best job I have ever had, and I hope it could be the same for you too!!!!”

Contact Center Agent