The Predictive Index

Scientifically validated to predict job performance throughout the Hire to Retire Lifecycle.

Better Hiring Through Science

Find Better Employees. Build Better Teams. Facilitate Better Results.

How It Works

Thousands of companies have trusted this technology to help them find the right person for the right role and create unified, high-performing teams. With PI’s employee engagement tracking capabilities, businesses can quickly identify and address issues. Managers can rely on PI to help build and inspire their teams to drive results and achieve success.
Gain valuable insights by diagnosing your people data to uncover the root of your business challenges. The results help you design workforce strategies, hire purposefully, and inspire your team to produce an engaged workforce to drive business results.
Why put a random assortment of people on a team and hope for the best when you can create a strategy designed for hiring success? To achieve the best outcome, an organization must leverage people data to develop an effective approach to leadership, culture, and team dynamics.
The ability to hire well sets the stage for future organizational success. Defining the roles an organization needs and matching the right person to the requirements boosts the opportunity for success.
When leaders understand their employees and employees understand each other, they are equipped to minimize conflict, reduce organizational toxicity, and communicate more effectively, letting distractions get out of the way of results.